Process of Graphing Rational Functions


There are various number systems in mathematics. The number systems can be like the natural number system, whole number system and so on. The rational number system is one of the important number system in mathematics. The concept of function is very important in mathematics. They can be graphically represented as well. The rational numbers graphing can be very interesting to learn. But to understand this one must be thorough with the concept of functions. The function has both inputs and outputs. The input is transformed to get the output. A function cannot take all values. There will be restriction on the values a function can take. This is a very important concept. The concept of range and domain must be clear in order to understand the concept of function. At some values the function may not be defined. This means that the function will not have definite value at these points in a given particular interval on numbers.

The rational numbers have a numerator and a denominator. This is one of the properties of a rational number but the denominator must not be equal to the number zero. This is because if the number in the denominator is equal to the number zero then the rational number will become infinity and hence cannot be defined. The task of graphing general rational functions can be a easy task if the concepts are clear. So, graphing rational functions practice is required in order to get a hold on the subject. Once the concepts are clear one can easily solve problems related to this field. Graphs help in better understanding of a concept. They are pictorial representations and hence make the understanding clear. Most of the concepts explained with the help of graphs will help in better understanding.

The graph basically contains the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. The horizontal is called the x-axis and the vertical axis is called the y-axis. There are also three dimensional spaces in which the graphs can be drawn. The graph of rational function can be drawn in both the spaces. Once the graph the interpretation of the graph must be done, only then the concept will become clear. The interpretation of a graph is very important and can help in solving many problems. The interpretations can lead to the solutions of many problems. The graph has to be kept in mind that the value of the denominator cannot become zero. At this stage the function cannot be defined. So, one has to be very careful about this fact. The concept of asymptotes and intercepts must be clear in order to understand the process of graphing. So, in order to graph the rational functions one must learn the concepts of asymptotes and intercepts very clearly. If this is not done the process of graphing can become a difficult task and can also lead to many mistakes in the process of drawing the graph. But with the concepts clear the graph can be easily drawn.

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