The Statistical Analysis
30.10.2013 16:32

Statistics analysis:- - Statistics analysis is associated with the methods for collection, classification and analysis of numerical data for drawing valid conclusions and making the reasonable decisions. In the field of production engineering and in the analysis of the data used for experiments, It has the meaningful applications. There are the two parts of the statistical analysis, measure of central tendency and probability.  The study of certain numerical representative of the ungrouped data, namely, mean, median, mode is associated with the Central Tendency. There are two main requirements of the statistical analysis, Quality and survey.

We need the population and sample to find the quality and survey. The item name is known as the population and the sample is a portion of the population. The items or the population are scattered here and there covering thousands of kilometers. Secondly one item or population can be produced by the number of people in our country or any other countries. An international organization ISI has been formed to keep the check on all the populations. The quality measures are mean, median, mode, range, percentile, deviations, variance etc.

Introduction to numerical analysis: - The study of the algorithm to find the numerical approximations in the mathematical analysis is called the numerical analysis. It is used to find the most approximate roots of the given equations in the discrete mathematics. It is used to design and analysis the techniques to find the approximate and accurate solutions of the hard problems. It is also beneficial to find the feasibility of numerical whether prediction. The numerical analysis is associated with the numbers. It can be used in the ordinary differential equations to find the accurate numerical solutions to compute the trajectory of a space craft.

Numerical analysis can be used to find the depth of the ocean.  It can be used in the partial differential equations to find the accurate numerical solutions to simulate the car crashes.  Numerical analysis methods can be used to find the value of stocks and the derivatives more accurately in private investment funds. 

To find the optimization algorithms to decide the fuel needs, ticket prices, crew assignments and in airplanes it is used in the overlapping field of the operation research. For actuarial analysis in the insurance companies, the numerical analysis programs are used.  The direct and the iterative methods are used to find the approximate roots of the given equations. There are many methods which are used to find the more appropriate roots of the given equations.  To find the solution in finite number of steps the direct methods are used.

For solving the system of linear equations which includes the simple method of linear programming the direct method is used. To find the solution of the true approximations the finite precision is used.  The iterative methods are not terminated in few steps. They start from the initial guess and then iterative methods are used for more accurate approximation. The Newton’s method, the bisection methods, Jacobi iteration methods are used in the iterative method.



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